Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape - Establishing brick bond off a slab
Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape

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Taking the Guesswork out of Brick Work since 1999, saving you time and money.

Introducing Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape

About Us

Colin Costin, Inventor of Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tapes, worked 50 years in the building industry. Prior to Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tapes coming onto the market, brickies marked gauge spaces onto a stick or similar, or relied on years of experience to work out gauge from the drop off point to footings. Read more...

Kwikgauge was born out of frustration from needing to move windows or doors before the commencement of brick work to avoid unnecessary brick cuts but this is only one of the problems Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape solves. Time is money and too often bricks are under ordered, therefore holding up the job until more bricks arrive, or over order of they are over ordered which adds unnecessary cost to a job for both the builder and their client. Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape shows accurate brick quantities and with the money you save it will pay for itself on the first job!

Our business was established in 1999 and has been responsible for providing outstanding and reliable products ever since.

Our regular customers particularly value the quality of our tapes and the ease with which they can be used. Less

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Start taking the guesswork out brick work!


With metric measurements so you don't need to carry tapes, our latest gauge tape tape now includes gauges 82, 83, 84, 85, 86 and 87. Our new 5M KWIKGAUGE Gauge Tape is light in weight and light in price, just $39.95 each, and will currently be sent to you POSTAGE FREE!

We won't be offering a choice of colour for this tape, so just one item needs to be added to the shopping cart. Pictures enclosed are one of the tapeline and the other of the tape.


Now includes 83 gauge mark.

With Gauges 84, 85, 86 & 87 – including standard metric measurements. The 86 mark now continues to the opposite side of the tape so it’s easy to read from both sides.

Free Postage Australia Wide!

Designed by a bricklayer for brick work!

Working out brick quantities with Kwikgauge

Why should you use Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape?

Accurately Estimate Brick Quantities In 2 easy measurements!
Determine the gauge from finishing point to footings to suit brickwork

Kwikgauge Brick Tape will set out the gauge from drop off point ( or eaves) to footings, also showing you how many brick courses in gauges: 84mm, 85mm, 86mm & 87mm.

This enables exact gauge from drop off point and Gives exact brick quantities required.

Client Feedback

Working out brick quantities with Kwikgauge

“In my position as site foreman I carry out a lot work involving set out for brick and block work. Kwikgauge make this task quick and easy to perform with a great degree of accuracy.

I also use Kwikgauge for setting out windows for both distance from internal and internal corners and for the height of sills and I highly recommend the use of Kwikgauge Brick Gauge Tape to foreman and bricklayers.” Graham Woods - Gosford NSW

“Absolutely brilliant! Makes me feel stupid for not having thought of it myself” Chris Terrill - Wonthaggi VIC

“I've been a bricklayer for 26 years and welcome the introduction of your product to the industry. it will certainly have a place in my tool box!” Chris Tarry - South Perth WA

“So quick & reliable, this tape helps in all bricklaying problems, wouldn't be without one!” John Tyrrell - Albury NSW

“Many thanks for all your help - great service!” Graham Brehaut - Nelson NZ

“I've been laying bricks for 35 years and no tape is gonna show me what to do! But this one has changed my mind. I can lay more bricks and that means making more money! No unsightly 3/4 cuts and no more guesswork! Top Stuff!” Michael Romeo - Stonemason, Sydney